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pale pink



dress: PRIMARK

shoes: converse

bag: Parfois

necklace: H&M

glasses; (not shure, vitage market I think)

My first thought about that dress, where; “is this just a peace of robe bad cutted?”and then, my super bestie, tells me ” why not try it on?”, just for fun and when Im looked me at mirror, I fell in love of the shape of the dress… so what we get on clear? Not judge a brand before try it on.

It´s fresh and so femenine, on the next day I weared, and after a good session of skatting with my new babes rolles, I keep it on for a cinema afternoon and gals, the dress is so freshly, I really feel good wearing it.



Is this kind of gargements you can wear with a sneackers, there´s anithing CAN´T be weared with sneackers?, don´t think so. 😛 So in same time, you can match it with a pair of silver sandals, a wavy hair and feeling the sathurday night fever. Pale rose is, indeed a basic colour in owr wardrove, and this kind of evase dress, always fit in any shape body, are so femenine and extra sexy, with the crossed frontal. Of course will be fit better without a bra, but as I said before, I been skating before, so weren´t be the best idea not wearing a bra, but in a night mode….just perfect!


As you know, you could see all my outfits ideas and stuff, on my social networks, pay attention to the next chapter of #whocaresthesketchingbook.

I will come soon with a new recipe, but for now live and love.




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