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yellow mellow


skirt & bag: ZARA

top: American Apparel

espadrilles: Castañer

lunnetes: Céline

Gingham are a true trend this seasson, and Im a very good fan of gingham, and never have enought, and of course yellow mellow gingham are so delicious!

Other day I where discussing with a friend about the fact of having, self criterion about trends, and not follow all the fashion as if we have unbrained fashion zombies: I where very according with her, that is a big true we are very influenced by trends, but a trend or fashion style will not gonna convince you, if you not like it, at leats is how it works for me during all this years. I confess Im a trend follower, yes, but juts all this trends I like, and for me gingham, always means summer, so, why I just can´t not buy as much as I can this seasson, other years rarelly you will find a blouse in black and white gingham, and red, blue, yellow, pink or green are so pretty and nice too.


And this skirt are so, pretty, and It will looks much more better when I get tanned, cuase for now my skin has same colour of my top, Oh my gosh… Well fixed soon, I hope. The skirt it comes with a top, and I found it so pretty and nice the combo, but this time I decided to wear it, more casual with the tee, cause as I said my skin still are too white for show everithing wearing just the top and skirt, so when my tan will be fix I will show, weared with the espadrilles and the wicker bag, also I tried with a silver sandals and looks so glam and delicate so for shure I will wear it this way too.



Gingham are so perfect when you matvch it with basket, cause really looks so sixtyes, and perfect dressed to a picnic in the park, with a headband, and white sunglasses are so dreammy Briggite Bardot style, dont´you think? 😉


You can watch small haul videos and much more many looks on my socila Networks, ( link on top of page).  See you there, and have a very nice and easy weekend.

I will come soon with new recipes, so for now live and love, lads!




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