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urban pijama


jacket & short: H&M

basic tee: American aparel

mules: forever21

bag: ZARA

lunettes: Céline

I really love this urban pijama, or better say,  this summer tuxedo what meaning be a pijama.

In fact it can be weared in the two ways,  just the blouse and pants alone, as if where a jumpsuit or, or weared with a basic tee,  as a if where a tuxedo. In this time, I weared in a more classical way, and tryed not to hide the protagonism of the print, so I choied classical complemts as the teel, the shoes and the bag, well, the bag are´t calssical at all, but it looks perfect with all my outfits, so I think is the best shooping I do latelly, (talking about bags). 😛




 We must to remember, this kind of prints, no need much to add, cause are exotic and very striking, so are perfect alone, with simple chains on neck, maybe a stripe sandals, platforms in a camel colour, and of course any basic yu want to add, with no many ornaments, in this time, less is more.





Realy like the print, cause is the definition of summer: palms. In summer palms are the new black, palms and flowers, and maybe some gingham, 😉  Of course, can´t we forget about the perfect mix of colours, burgundury mustard and light blue, are so cool, are perfect for every summer, year by year, in fact I buy it this one some weeks ago, and where on sale, and I think is from last year,  so If you are searching for it, for shure you find it really similars , even same one, I tell you where to find them in my social networks and 21buttons. (links on top of the page)


I think there´s no much more tips, about how to mix this suit, so im pretty shure I will wear it so many times, and of course if you had new ones, or want to show me how you wear yours, just send me!

I will come soon with a new recipe, but for now live and love, baes.




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