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florence dress (II)


dress & bag; ZARA

mules; Forever21

necklace; H&M

sunglasses; Céline

Im so in love with this dress, is amazing,

so femenine and fits as a glove, love the way it blows with the wind and the soft fabric, the shape…everithing.

Since I saw it I knew where be mine, cause has this kind of summer vives that I love, not shure if are the flowers or the shape, the waves of the skirt and sleves, or the way that makes me feel as If I coudl fly in to Hawai, just by wear it!




I really found femenine, cause it fits so well on belt, and is really fresh, and comfy, honestly one of the best shopping I done latelly, I could wear it everyday, so of course, not always as a dress, even is a dress, is a peaces you could transform in to a long blouse with a very easy clues.



First clue, openned till belt, and add it an extra oversized denim short as down part, and leave the waves of the skirt showed it when you walk, add it an sardilles and wicker  panama hat, a basket and is perfect for seasside date. Second clue, full opened, as a long blouse, with a basic non sleeve tee, white or light grey, add it a denim skirt on down, and wicker sandals, and a fringe suede bag too, and boho pendants, necklaces, rings and necklaces, flower crown  with wavy hair, and is  perfect for a festival look. And posibilities are many, add it a silver sandals, with a purse, and a low bun and is so cool and fresh for a night date, change the mules by sneackers and mirroed lunettes, a silver bagpack and play with your hair, with a braid diadem, and there is, a very casual look for the city, have you ever have so many looks with just one dress? Your imagination is your limit, so mix & match baes! 😛


I have so many of this outfits, looks or as you want to call them in mind and I will be posting them on my Social Networks, (links on top of the page) so, check them there, as I said, I could wear it evry day in and be a different look everyday!


I will come soon with a new recipe, so live and love and have a nice week, lads!




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