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ruffled denim overall


denim jumpsuit; PRIMARK

espadrilles; street Market

basket; VINTAGE

pendant; H&M

lunettes; ZARA

I where on shopping some home stuffs, candles, deco and new cover for my bed on PRIMARK,

cause I where checking on web and I found so nice cheap thing and very beautiful, and when I go out of the shoop, I watch this dreamy ruffled denim overall on the showcase, and cost just 20 euro. I need a new a denim overall? NO, I buy it? Yes: I step in agayn in to Primark and go for it, just in to the next day I where dressed, and the 30 degrees where it helps a lot for those thin suspenders.



I will love thoose ruffles of the chest, the fall of the thin denim fabric, and of course thoose flare and ample legs. Is easy to fix it if you are a short pot as me, but for me thoose flare legs are so perfect at ancle size and cropped, for show the shoes you wear.

This time, I mixed in a ver basic mid seventies mode, with a wicker light spadrilles and a basket, but I got some clues to wear it in  very different ways. One thing we muct to consider is, an overall, specially this, is one peace brand, as a long dress, so for change the style of it, we must to play with shoes and complements. I weared with basic tees under,  black leather bag, and mules, for a more sportive way, alone with a wood platforms, fringe leather bag and wicker hat for a boho style, and with a silver sandals and a purse for a disco style, the posibilities are infinites, so I think I made a very good shooping.



I will post some videos, as haul mode on my Insta stories, and are permanetly posted on my new Facebook page, so if you wanna wach it, go to top of the page and check them, also you could find the links to the clothes on my 21buttons profile, find me as A martian girl.

 For now all is done, but I will come soon with a new recipe, live and love.




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