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dress: ZARA

lunnetes: CAMDEN Market

shoes: ASOS

socks: LEFTIES


pendant: H&M

I really like this look cause

it reminds me to flower power time, to my beloved Mary Quant and to Carnaby Street. I really could add a very old filter and said where an old picture from untie, in favt she has a picture where she wears a very similar dress with similar accesories, and we look very twins!




It never enought collar dresses, or flower dresses and this one is just simple pretty, easy to wear and very confy, by a point of lycra the fabric it has.


A dress is a dress and thre´s no much ways to wear it, also you can play changing the complements, or the shoes. This one will perfectly match with a pair of sneackers and bagpack, I discarted a vest, cause I tried with a denim one, and really not suit at all, also if you change it by a denim jacket or biker will be perfet! Secon clue, will be more personal, cause as you see I wear with socks, plus an extra childish and fun coloured touch, but if you live on a more cold place then me, add it some net tights, black ones will be the classical and fit perfect, but if you are thoose ones as me, it dares with anithing try it with colored ones, or even white, net or just simply tight, and you will be ready to be a time traveler and back to take a rule by the sixtyes! 😛


I will come soon with new recipes, live and love




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