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granny dress


dress; VINTAGE( from my granny)

shoes; similar to Stella Mcrtney

socks: Lefties

plastic basket: baskerie BCN (customized (c)boredom makes me do it)

Im a really Vintage lover, not just stuff and this and that, fashioanbly talking Im a really 

vintage lover. I not use to dress just vintage stuff, and Im not considering myself an hipster or so, but if I had the choice to buy some good vintage peaces, I never will say no to it. I know many vintage shops where I live, so many friends who work there, flea markets, charity shops and second hand sites. So not all vintage is for buy, sometimes you just, reach in to your mum wardrove, untie or granny, ans I do, and found very special and single clothing as this dress, who accourding to my granny, where what she weared in my mums wedding, she transfor the dress in soemthing more weareble after the weadding and this is what ir results, a very femenine and timeless dress, plus me and my grannie seems we use to has same size cuase it fits me so well, think I didn´t have in my closset any other dress who fits me as this one. 😀


biker; (c) Boredom makes me do it (mail me for info about it)

Made with Repix (


Of course, I must to add some casual and actually touch, and this is why I choice thoose shoes, and I swear when I buy them, didn´t know they wehre exactly as Stella Mcrtney shoes, just I love the way wood and white gum where mixed in the platform, found them so original, plus they has silver stars, so definitely where be mines. They are little masculine, and extravagance form so found them perfect to match with the extra femenine of the dress, and the yellow net dress, where the extra of punk I need it. I think I inspired this outfit in the streets of harajuku, where I check similar looks, even mine is so light if you compare of how favulous and original, youngers of Tokio are, ok Im a Japan lover, think I mentioned before. 😉


As I said the dress is extra femenine, so I could be wear it with a pair of sandals and a purse and will fit perfectly for a night date or something, trully I weared this dress in so many ways, hope can I rescue all the pictures and upload al them in to my new and future Facebook account, so for now you can find me on Twitter and Insta for more extra fun and more day by day outfits, fashion and many fn stuff.

I will come soon with new recipe, live and love




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