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shades of tul

shade one


tul dress ZARA

skirt: PULL&BEAR

tee: H&M


(remember you can find all the link to clothing on my profile 21Buttons)

shade two


tul dress; ZARA

cropped jeans: PRIMARK

tee: H&M


shade three


tul dress: ZARA

basic dress: H&M

jelly basket: BASKERIE BCN


I found so interesting this post in specially cause, 

usually, we use to buy clothings and we just weared in one mode, and we end bored of it, cause in act we not squeeze all the posibilityes that the peace it has itself.

I weared this tul dress, tunic os watever you want to call it, so many times, cause is very weareable, so, as probably moustly of us, we are weared just by a pair of jeans. Of course a pair of jeans always is a good and basic option to wear it, where my firts choice, cause is confy,  and very easy to mix for everyday.

But I really like this peace of clothing,  and I need it more, so second option isn´t much harder to mix, just has to change the jeans by a denim skirt, and you have a very casual look.




There´s so many much more options for this pretty tul dress, even there a re some tips we must to follow to wear this; in my opinion is better wear it with a tee with no message, cause the top is embroidered with flowers, and we shape the flowers with in to the message teen and I think is too much. My option is black basic tee, for same reason, cause the tul of dress is black so the acid colours of the flowers will be more brighter, over black than white, so white or grey I think could be a very nice options too, maybe I shoud try 😛 . The sleeves, really not cares, always wheren´t long than the sleeves of the dress, cause really it looks bad over a long sleeve top, if chills a little better add a biker jacket will be the best option.



I think best option to the down part is the jean, I choiced a skirt or a copeed jeans, cause it looks more springfully, so I tryed with a mum jean, too and it look very urban.



If you want to make it look as a dress, you could add it a basic black drees under of it, remeber that this dress/tunic has two long cuts on theyr sides, so ith movement will make a very wavy siloutte, so no matter if the dreess are strech or not, but if is short and you will shown some of your legs you could find an extra sexy touch. Another option where, wear it with a strech black overall under, no matter how strech it will be, cause the tul is loose you will not shown much curves than necesaries if you don´t want it!


Are many the changes of this dress it has, a very easy to mix and match, I just posted two of them cause, are the two whom my big guy photographer takes me shoot about, but in my Insta and social network, you can find the rest of them, and many other outfits and Inspo, so hop you joyn me in there!

I will come sooner with new recipe! live and love




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