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After thinking so long about it, 

i took the decision of post this shooting who is very personal, and for me a very shown of strenght, cause I shown a ver cloose side of miself.

No, there´s no this kind of pictures where you shown your panties and your bra, are just some small peaces, ( even in some windy days, my panties have been watched by all my neightbourding, but this not means ).

Are just details and very personal and close shooting where I want to shown myself as I am, cause my body isn´t perfect, and is loong of be, but Im very proud of it.

A year before, my life where very different and I has some more extra lugage on my mind and body, I wheren´t ealthy, I feeled bad with miself, didn´t want to looked miself on mirror, I never smile, I has anxiety, and dear friends, this si not a thing to joke about. You feel alone, sad and non trusted on yourself, and society, in great part, whern´t help about, supossed friends and clossed people, who in change to help, makes you feeling even worst if its possible. You feel empty, alone and with your self-sttem buried in floor.

But one day, you decide this is not the way you want to live your life, and took the decision of starting from zero, so fisrt of all, leave on a side thoose peoples who a more ruinning yourself than any other thing, and yes is hard finding new friends, but nothing is imposible, fisrt step is change your mind, aren´t easy, don´t gonna lie you, but it can do it. So slowly and with time, your mind start to change, you habbits and start to work on yourself step by step, so now on days I can tell, I suppearte my mind carriage, and desintoxicated of bad habbits, even in body I have a lot of work to do, I can take shoots as this, and being in lingerie in front of my photographer, and feeling sexy, and yes, I can scream this, FEELING SEXY, for fisrt time in so long!



Now I became new social networks, more Instagram, cause is very visual and I like it and recently I became to work with Twitter, even still don´t manage it very well. 😛  (both of them has link on top of the page)

Hope you joyn the shooting and people, feel good in yourself cause is what you are, and this is what really cares, cause yourself, are the only one who you gonna spend the rest of your life with.

I will come soon with new recipes!

live and love




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