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tuxedo & pendant; H&M



basket; VINTAGE

lunettes; CANMDEM

me and tuxedos has a hate-love relationshipt, cause I really like them, I always thought a good tuxedo is a peace you could wear seasson over seasson and never is outfashion, a good closset basic, and just changing the top and shoes, it could be, sportive or hig class, and this is the reasson I love tuxedos, but I hate them too, cause, It always end, wearing them in two different sides, the jacket by a side and the pants by another side, but I never can say no to a tuxedo, and my hate-love thoughs its starts agayn, and is the never ending story… 😛




This tuxedo is so beautiful, is classy,  is grey, and has stripes, three things I love in a god tuxedo, plus has an extra boyish style and some sportive way, cropped pants oversized  jacket and I really feel as an enfatn terrible, when I wear it!

Tuxedo, is realm simbol of the Garçon style, in 1966 Yves Saint Laurent, it revolutuion the rows with the Smoking for a femmes, and of course,  great femme fatale wears tuxedos, as Marlenne Dietrich or Katherine Hepburtn, two of my my favourites headed style Icons, and why not share with all of you, that,  yay, tom boy or garçon are my favourite style!


I think has a lot of posibilities, and theres as many tuxedos as many bodys it has, and you can go aywhere or anytime with a tuxedo, so not wait more time and go to find your own tuxedo, and of course pay attention to my INSTA to more ways of wear this tuxedo, and many more daily outfits and fun stories, and stuff! 😛

Weeeeekend is close, and I will come so soon with new recipes!

live and love




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