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lost dress

blue dress and denim jacket4.JPG

dress; (originally) Zara

denim jacket; Vintage (customized)

shoes; Converse

basket: Vintage

I dunno how really classify this dress, originally is from Zara, but at list is very old,

I bought it when I where 16 with my first salary job. In fact the original it wheres, cause one sadly day, cleaning my closset, I had the bad idea ot sell it, and later I watch it on my old pictures, and really miss it! :S

blue dress and denim jacket3

blue dress and denim jacket2

I think where lost, so one lucky eastern day, taking a wak from mom home till mine, a pretty charity shop where open, and I just head in to take a look, and WOAH, where exactly as my old dress. For shure wheren´t mine, but I felt so happy to bring it back, so few days before, nostalgia invades me and I weared as in my old teenagers days, so long ago…or not. 😛

blue dress and denim jacket6

I remeber in thoose days I wear it with a sneackers and denim jackets, and this one I bought it on a market, aren´t markets the best? and I try to put all the patch as I can cause I found the patchs so cool, and I will keep on wear in even when the patchs are passed away and get old fashioned, and this, so I put all three together.

Latelly I weared all my pony tails, and braids with laces, I think are an extra girly touch for my hair and is so cool, I love it, in details are the clues, so I will end this saying come to my Insta and check my latest shopping, (clue, Im obsesed with shoes) and my eveyday outfits and stuffs, I pormisse fun!

blue dress and denim jacket5

blue dress and denim jacket

Can´t go without telling you go to cinema to see “Galaxy Guardians 2” and please, ear the OST, from two films, cuase are damned cool, lads!

Well, lazy weeks and not posting so much, hope you missed me, and I come soon with a new recipe!

live and love




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