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pop denim skirt1.JPG


skirt & biker; “Boredm makes me do it”(self brand)


basket & lunnetes; VINTAGE

One of the trends, and defo a basic in any girl wardrove are the denim skirt, this one

is my self brand “boredom makes me do it” and always is usefoul when Im not pretty what to wear.

pop denim skirt

pop denim skirt3

As a denim is easy to mix, and always perfect with a message tee, this one has some kid of pop style, and makes me feel so in to pop culture of the late sixties and first seventies in NY. As If a part of me, it travels to Warhol NY studio, and literally can´t stop earing, “Revolver” album from : Velvet Underground, maybe influenced by my Lou Reed obsesion, or my Warhol passion, still Im decide what is it.

Well backing to reality, the truth is a denim skirt, is a very girl best friend, comfy and fresh for spring and very aproved for all the events, just change the shoes and the accesories and is perfect, in any way, any time anywhere.

pop denim skirt2

pop denim skirt4

So for shure soon I will bac with new recipe, but for now is done, Im still has 2 chapter to end “13 reassons why” and Im so thrlled by, have you wantch it? Yas in first I deny too, but everyone says, “watch it you love it” and yup, I wern´t so addicted in to a teen drama tv show, since Skyns, fisrt and second sesson, ( yes, Cassey is an Icon, do I said before?) 😛

pop denim skirt5

“in future everyone should have fiveteen minutes of fame”  Warhol

Follow my stories in Insta and check more outfits and that, love to all and see ya soon folks!

live and love




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