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red kimono.JPG

kimono; Bershka

jumpsuit; Primark

mules; Pimkie

bag & scarf; Vintage

lunnetes; Visionlab

“that´s it, I come with a new recipe!” Sorry Iggy but got to tell it, cause 

in fact is true, as true where the love for that kimono when I watch it.

red kimono2

red kimono3

Arrives in to that topic of owr relationship, dearest reader, watever you are, you should known Im a freak, yes, love videogames.  Final Fantasy series, becomed obsesed with Xv, and if you know the quote of beginning, you know what Im talking about, im a advantaged dancer in just dance, Zelda fan, yes I played super mario party, and Im a wii fan, yes, sing star is my championship and of course residen evil, devil may cry and many of many vidiogames to tell them. Im a fan of all the weird and frek thing you could imagine, and of course Kawai is my second name, meme obsessed, Manga, anime and yes….in my youth I where Cosplayer. And why I explain you all thoose things, well cause one of my short chapters of “places where Anie has lived” where Japan, Im a super Japan fan, and not, is not just cause sushi and matcha tea where two of my favourite foods in time, no, is cause I remeber the Haajuku streets near to shibuya, the Hachiko station and of course the beautiful of theyr folklore and culture.

Japaneese are a perfect mix between future and tradition, and in fact in Tokio you really feel as if you travele 20 year on future, but then you took the bullet train and go to south and then, find the most charming fisher village in life, and the favulous Fuji mountain and his legends, darks and lights as well, and I could swear the sakura smells when you are inside of a natural thermal watters at free air in the skirt of Fuji mountais, are an experinece that everyone must to live, at leats one time in theyr lifes.

But is long to explain and diffcult to express in words te joy I feel in japan, I always admired and being change of living, even where for a short where apleasure, I became more in love of them, and of course mi Kimono love where higer and higer, and this si probably I became in love with that one, cause really reminds me at the geisha kimono, with this kind of red that you only found in oriental culture, dd you know red colour is a lucky colour?

Made with Repix (

red kimono4

I the shop you could fin the short to mix with the kimono, but Im pretty shure I will not wear the together, cause I love kimonos weared with dresses, and simple clothing, not quite much complements, and In fact mi intention where that, the kimono where the fisrs and calling peace of the look, the soft of the fabric, reminds me to the silks of the orient, and really found is a peace to wear and makes you feel as a geisha!

Conclusion, Im not just a fashion freak, im a freak in general, and adicted in to very weird and kawai stuff, you could see many of them in mi Insta, my latest adqusition is rubick cube, dunno if I still can make it work it, so pop culture is really obsesive to em too.. but for now we leave it in my Japan inspo-obsesion. 😛

red kimono1.JPG

red kimono5.JPG

That´s all for today folks, I will come with new reciphe and new stuff, freak or not but lots of more inspo!

live and love




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