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flower festival dress

flower festival dress4 (2).JPG

flower dress; C&A

mule; PIMKIE


sunglasess; VISIONLAB

flowe festival dress2

flower festival dress

This is exactly the kind of dress I will wear for a festival, and is because Coachella is closser than I chice to wear it, and says ” Festival seasson are open”.

flower festival dress3

flower festival dress6

Not Im not going to go to coachella, maybe more in summer I will come to another festival, so I follow it so closser, not just cause the spiryt of freedom, music and all it reminds me to a Woodstock, is because is a clearly open in to summer style, this kind of boho, rock and free style makes me drives mad, any better than a soft dress, or denim shorts for summer, flowers everywhere and of course the moustly extravagance and coloured hair you can also try.

flower festival dress7

So if you, as me love festival seasson, pay atemption in to the social networks, cause shure this is not the only festival outfit I will insire, and I will come soon in anew mod, with new recipeh!

flower festival dress8

Don´t miss it my Insta , or on top page, for funny moments and more outfits!

Chai late, the best of summer, yay! ;P

flower festival dress5.JPG

live and love




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