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bet in white

Made with Repix (

top; ZARA

pants; CUSTOM

espadrilles; PARFOISE

eyewear; FOREVER21

trench coat; BURBERRY (VINTAGE)

basket; VINTAGE

Made with Repix (

Once upon a time there where a girl who need a good pair of white pants.

But not thoose who sems being jeans and are just a pair of white pants with five pockets shape, no thoose ones who seems just a thin cutton robe elastics and lwo waist, no… she needed a pair of rough white jeans, in pure cotton and high waist, a classical white jean.

The girls starts her path in a very comercial shops, nothing, all where thin and very bad shape, not size… well round two lets try some internet, not work, in internet you can´t touch the fabric, round three, vintage shops….nothing, why no one shop classical white pants? ¬¬

Made with Repix (

bet in white4

The girl needs a solution, so she became to think, in when she where studiying design and how, when she will not fin the color she wants she dyes the fabric, and what to do to turn a thing in to white? yes…. bleach.

then, the girl, goes to the wardrove, vaught a par of classical jeans, with the fabric she wants, not much darker or it will not work, she went in to supermarket and got a bucket, 2 litres of bleach and pair of latex gloves.

Where easy to do, so lets cook it!

Introduce the jeans in to the two litres of bleach, and one litre of cold watter, let them inside to repose for almost 48 hours. Then just introduce them in to washing machine and let them dry in free air, better in a shadowed place, and… I come with anew recipeh!

I ripped them a little in the downs of the pants, and cropped before bleaching them, and the result can´t be more pleassent.

I love to wear my “new” classical white pants whit white tops, as this descuared one of Zara, why I love all the extravangance things it could be selled in shops, is a mistery whith I where born with, but If something extrange is on sale, Anie will go to shoop it, and wear it, and enjoy it, but I got many plans for thoose white pants, and I´ve been thinking in turn to white a skirt and jacket too… but this, It will be in other time, also I will promisse to shown on my Instagram account, and there to, with many and many new outfits.

Made with Repix (

bet in white destacada

Have a funny week, folks!

love and live




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