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tiger jumpsuit

Made with Repix (

trench; burberry vintage

jumpsuit; H&M

basket; vintage

shoes; primark

eyewear; forever21

Last post, I where talked about my inspo Icons, well, sometimes is just someone I catch on street, a flower, a mag, and of course my Icons.

tiger jumpsuit inspo

enjoy the video HERE

Someone who knows me a little or follow me on Insta, knos so well that im such a big bowie fan and since fisrt time I saw this videoclip, of  “dancing in the streets” song of Bowie featuring Mick Jagger, I have a cruch of Bowie´s outfit.

tiger jumpsuit2

tiger jumpsuit4

Bowie is an Icon, not just as a musician or in fashion, he where an artist, and all of his alter egos are so fashionabily, this is not only outfit he inspires me, so I choiced this one cause I declare miself guilty of being in love of this jumpsuit.

Even i bought them on this sales, i think are from last seasson, and I thought I where loose the chance of have it, cause I where looked over him all times I passed in the shop, triying in it on me, many times as the moustly pain in the as buyer you could ever meet,  it fix so well, but I where waitting till the jacket who fits with it, in same print where on my size, and finally… the jumpsuit where gone, and I where regret it.

tiger jumpsuit6

Well, the jacket never it comes, also the jupsuit where in the end of a roof, in last days of sales and I thought I where dream cause where the only one and where my size, I chek it, yes where my size, “Anie, this time you wont to loose it agayn!” and I took it and run it directly in to the seller, pay it, is mine, ok now I can keep on looking in shoop. XD

And then one day watching the video of Bowie and Jagger, I thought will fit perfect with y oversized trench( just look in to my Instagram stories, link on top) and will see how oversized trenchs are the best to have it, who has an oversize trench has a very best friend indeed, and what did you say of my ” new” basket, are soooooooooo sooooo soooo cute.

tiger jumpsuit

I love white sunglases, they are so grrovie! (hearted eyes)

Made with Repix (

tiger jumpsuit5

Definetilly, Im so proud about this outfit combo, comfy, warm, chic and original, what more can I say? Well…If I could add something is that, this jumpsuit will be so perfect with apair of cool paltform spadrilles, and basket, ( there´s anithing cant´t be weared with a basket?),  a pair of heels, biker and hand bag, or maybe a pair of sneakers and denim jacket, it fits with anithing, not just cause back colour is black, is cause even tigers are tigers it could fix as animal print too, and makes look your outfit a little, fun-rocker spice!

Who know what can inspiring it could brings me the wind but I promise back soon with a new recipeh!

live and love




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