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military jumpsuit

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military jumpsuit; C&A

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I had to admit jumpsuits are one of my favourite dress pieces, and yes aren´t any confy to go to bathroom, specially if you go with hurry, but I always been a woman who doesn´t like easy things in life, and between overalls and jumpsuits( short legs, and sleeves included) I got a good couple of them in my wardrove. 😉

And another thing never is out of my wardrove, and since very long time ago, are military green,( I noticed today watching old pics about my childhood, a very young fashionist,  with papa old military uniform jacket, ripped jeans and “peace simbol” top,  when I where 12! :P)  Also, Im more in, about military green than print, so I use both.

In fact, military green, is a like some kind of new black now on days, cause everybody has some peace in theyr rooms, so the military green and military peaces, where uses to protest agaynst the war, in sixtyes, and like some kind of punk riots on seveties, and eightyes, so seems are nothing new.

In fact the picture I mentioned before of my childhood, where dressed as this, cause I where inspired by a Jhon Lennon old picture I saw, and well….since them from today I love military style also Jhon Lennon too! But if I start to talk about where I inspire in my looks, who or my Icons, I could writte four of five post and never had enough space to writte. *heart eyes*

So for now we gonna leave it, and even I compromice to writte about a short list of my style Icons, and inspirstion people fashionable, ( so thoose who follow my Instagram, knowns some of them, and if you not follow me, go to top of the main menu, and follow me, for more looks ).

Have a lovely and not rainy weekend, and I will come soon with a new recipehs!

live and love



Military jumpsuit (1)


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