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red gingham dress (second part)

gingham dress and perfecto (2).JPG

dress, bag & sunglasses; ZARA


biker; Own brand (BOREDOM MAKES ME DO IT)


gingham dress and perfecto2

Lipstick are from new shade collection from “Make-up revolution”

and the colour is love!!!

gingham dress and perfecto1

As I promisse this red gingham dress as turning back, and I can´t stop to wear agayn and agayn, Hurray for the picnic blanket style, and gingham wardroves.

Is so lovely and confy, I feel really Laura Ingalls when I wear it, and you could wear it in many styles, this time I tried a biker and not a trench, and bucket bag and not a basket, and triying to do a rock style, hope I do, and you like the look.

For surelly isn´t the only gingham dress and stuff, Im gonna wear this summer, even with mesure, cause flowers,stripes and military green are really in my mind too.

Have a beutiful middle week time, and don’t forget follow me on Insta( on top of main menu had a button) for more looks and inspo, and I will come soon with new recipeh!

live and love



gingham dress and perfecto5

a little windy….just look at my hair 😛

gingham dress and perfecto4

Yes, sometimes is good a litte “sun selfie”

gingham dress and perfecto6



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