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folk embroidered dress

embroiderd dress7

dress; ZARA( sales now avalaible in grey)

sunglasses; PULL&BEAR

espadrilles, wicker bag & scarf; VINTAGE

Made with Repix (

even theyr back is pretty

Made with Repix (

Have you check my new sunnies? they are pure love, see more of them and looks on Instagram (go top and click in to Insta button for follow me)

embroidered dress6

This shooting where totally improvised, I didn´t pretend it to made a shoot about it, but Im so in love with this dress, reminds me to the folk dresses of west Europe, even I thought to wear it with a beautiful flower headband, so even we had a fine weather, (21 degrees) maybe for a cinema date, a flower crown is too much, even I could promisse and I promisse I will wear that favulous dress with a flower headband. *cross fingers*

The dress where a crush, absolutely, even where selled in winter seasson, I will not wear till now, cause the fabric is too thin, and I think is too perfect for spring, and for showing my folk and boho style, who is my base style ever.

As I say, weather is so fine, and seems will be better and better, and as you could check, my foots are white as snow, cause I take it out tights, even for one day, and I put it on my spadrilles, who are so old and so sewed and fixed on everywhere, but I love them so much, and are so, so, so confy, to give it in to a trash, even I change the strings to anothers longer enought to cross them on to the kneels.

Well, maybe my tights must to come back, cause is so soon  t take them out, but days as last saturday, where very welcome to start to wear spadrilles and lighter shoes, in time to time, I go to beach and I turn tan…Ah, my beloved beach, I missed you!

If you follow me on Insta( if you don´t go top and finds me), you will see soon more of beach wear.

Hope all of you had a nice weekend and go to see Beauty and the Beast cause is so prettiful and I enjoy it so much, and I will came back soon with new recipeh!

live and love



embroidered dress destacado

embroidered dress1

moustly white feets? yes Anie got it!

embroidered dress2

perfect lenght!

embroidered dress5


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