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girls can do anything

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It doesen´t kill and makes me strongest!

Made with Repix (

The reason I not post this last week, in “international womens day”, is cause womens day are every day.

Every morning, a girl is wake up and show world, how we can wear a mini skirt on streets without the critical looks, as if you where a slut. Go to work and no matter how long you´ve working there, or how good you where on your job, you will have to show all the time, you work well, winning less money than your males partner, even you has same posistion.

Back home, and be the perfect housemaid, no matter how tired you are or how hard where your day, tae care of your kids, cooking and clean, think of what to eat tomorrow and help with kids homework, cause the husband is tired, even both are work same hours at day, and wake up early in morning, and this makes us ” strongest” and everyone seems accept thisis the correct way to do the things.

In somewhere, a girl born and just by this fact she must be mutilated, or sell them as if they where things, when they still are kids to mans, they are rapped and seems are theyr fault cause theyr not wear correct things, many violence gaynst the womens, killed by his husbands.

If you are a girl you gonna wear pink and play with dolls, as if girls don´t like videogames or wear blue.

If a girl just has male friends, si because she wants “something” with them, or she is lesbian,  can´t be just friends? and what if she is lesbian ad has males friends…are just friends, no secrets hide in it!

Womens are “fragile”… how someone could gave a birth to a baby, is weak or fragile? Womens are warriors, and stronger!

Girls “drive bad”, just by the fact or being a girl… the numbers of car accidents by womens are less than males, can´t we like cars or motos?

If a girls choice be single, is cause she is “ugly” and can´t “hunt” a husband….as if somenone can be hunted.

A girl always must be perfect weight and good looking, so guys cna loose all his weight, and look perfectly bad, cause they always are good looking…c´mon boyr, really think we don´t have eyes in face?

A girl don´t has good music taste, they only like romantic films… Am I the only one who loves action and scy films and plays drums?

A women can´t tell opently if a boy is sexy in a nasty way, watch porn or having sex (safetly and as the way she agree) with who she want, and be free to tells as the normal thing it is, cause she becomes a bitch, and males tuen in to supermans, if she takes the first step in a reltion ship, cheat with a guy or just purpose the first date to a guy, she is desperate, if she is rapped socity astill stigmatize her, being a single mum….is like a sin.

We are sealled as flesh in publicity, dont know yourselfs but I want to look naked males bodys to announce parfume or watches as well, too.

And list goes on and on, even we are on XXI century, I has the feeling we must to fight everyday as owr old female partners of the IXX, and  XX century.

So girls and womens keep on fight for now and for future,  stay together, respect other and over all, respect yourself, fight and be stronger, for today, for everiday and someday really could say: GIRLS CAN DO ANITHING, YES,  WE CAN DO IT!


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