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vichy pants

gingham pants.JPG

pants, shoes(customized); PRIMARK

biker (my own brand) BOREDOM MAKES ME DO IT

sunglasses & bag ZARA


shirt; C&A

gingham pants1

T Bowie band, Bowie forever and ever!

gingham pants2

I love the combo between big net and Ballerina flats, don´t you?

gingham pants3

Let´s see…what followers are saying… 😛

gingham pants4

Well, I have a trouble, I know… isn,t normal this obsesion about being a blanket in a every colour of theyr versions, so is something I can´t live without.

I saw this pants on Primark, cause even me and Zara are recovering owr relation ship and this bucket bag are a good clue about it, the most biggest size of theyr version of this pants, wheren´t bigg enought for my fabulous curves, cause men, I love them, luckily Primar where there to safe me.

Was so long since I want this kind of version of a Brigitte Bardot capry pants, I found they has some kind of sixtyes way, and I like to wear them with this rebel sixtyes style, you know, a little “Grease” in a T birds band mode, with a biker, so my band are “T Bowie” band, and still is so long from summer nights, even hey, 20 degress is more than enought for being still in winter!

I try t post another looks without gingham, so for those who followed me on isntagram ( if you don´t what you waitting for), you also look, I wear another prints and dresses, but as well, if there´s a trend and you like, better use it before you get tyed of watching vichy even in your soup, and become to hate it, anyway this is so far away still, and I will promisse more vivhy style, with this pants and more clothing, many ideas are floating in my brains, so have a nice day and I will come soon with a new recipes!

love and live




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