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red gingham dress

gingham red dress2

dress & boots; ZARA

trench; BURBERRY (vintage)


basket bag; CRAFTER FAIR (insider scarf basket bag, vintage from mum)

necklace; self brand BOREDOM MAKES ME DO IT

sunglasses; VISIONLAB

Made with Repix (

“anywhere the wind blows”

gingham red dress3

Start to beckom addicted to print pictures,

so probably I will decorte my walls with new collages!

Made with Repix (

let´s make a picnic

gingham red dress4

Im so in love with gingham style, my wardrove latelly seems the blanket of a picnic, but honestly I love.

Gingham brings me back to sixtes, and some kind of chic and funny style, and even the wind where blowing nothing will stops me to make some shooting.

This Zara dress, is absolutelly precious, and also withe ones, surely you will see a lot on blog and my Instagram account, got a lot of ideas in my mind of how to wear it, and yes, of course, I know, agayn, m trenc( look mi inocent eyes as if I never weared before).

Usually my syle is ecleptic, mix between boho, vintage and some tom boy,ventully, for me wat really cares of clothings is, pretty, chic and confy and latelly seems Zara has turn in to my best friend, I can´t enter in to a shoop and not get out without some thing, bags and dresses are love this season and if you follow me on Instagram, you will see new baby dresses best friends, spring as come and I love wear dresses, biker and dresses, boots and dresses, dresses ad knit… don´t you love dresses? 😛

But not only by dresses can be weared a girl, and latelly I but a pair more of things in Zara, a bucket bag and awsome and smelly and fresh parfume I smell in time, it named “Gipsy Space”, even name where caling me, can´t belive it! :O I could sniff it all the day and night…

Well my dears, my brain loose has ended fot the week and next week I will come with new recipies(yes Im a games and it´s an Ignis chase).

love and live




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