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white dress

trench white dress1

Dres; ZARA


Ballerinas; PRIMARK(Customized)

Trench; BURBERRY( Vintage)

Sunglasses; Mango(via Chicfy)

trench white dress

trench white dress2

How I love make the monkey al the time(monkey shut up emoji).

Am I the only one, who miss emojis there? :O

Made with Repix (

got to love him! 🙂

trench white dress3

trench white dress6

Don´t know why my friends and family saw me with this dress, says they look as a sleep dress, I love it, I can use it as long shirt or short dress( sometimes, being a smaller girl is a good thing *winx eye).

So this look where inspired by Alexa Chung, in JW Andreson show, during LFW, so I changed the coat by a trench, who gots a trench got a real good friend, and the wicker bag by a CĂ©line bag.

Yes, Alexa inspires me, no matter we got fifferent sizes, I like theyr style( between others, as Marianne Faithfull, Jane Birkin, David Bowie, Marlenne Dietrich or Katherine Hempburn) and always triying to do my touch, of course, in every look. Well, in fact we got similar fashion Icons, or this she sayd in interviws, so probably, this is why I like her dressing style.

For shure, that dres will be showed as much as possible here on blog, and in my Instagram account, I got lots of possibilityes drawed and mixed for this dress, and its perfect for the warm weather it comes, can´t wait to play with it, as kid with new toy! ( love yes).

love & live




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