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gingham BW trench basket3 (2)

gingham BW trench basket1

This trench where love at first sight, when I saw it on the manequinin the shoop,  a few years ago, ( think where on Berlin), I just had to take it, where an old Burberry, eightyes trench, classical, and where so, so cheap, just 25 euro! I changed the buttons, cause originals where so bored and little old, and in bad conditions, so a take some differents ones from my colection of buttons, a visit to landry and as new.

If im not in a mistake, think where from male, and this is awsome cause is so oversie, and I love oversized clothing, I know I could cut the long a little but I love as the way it is, and this seasson this trench seems my best friend, I think, with high temperatures of 23 degrees, the coats and furs, will be on wardroves till next sesson and its time to get pass to leaher bikers, military thiner outerwears, kimonos and trenchs, very welcome spring!! (clapping as mad)  I know im so overexcited, but there´s any better than smells the blommed sakuras with the warm wind splashing your face, with so brighter sun over your head?

The best of an extra oversized trech is it math with everithing, even I love with basic clothing, as jumpsuits, straight pants and jeans, is perfect with this lovely laced dress you has in your wardrove waitting for good weather, perfect mix between femeine and masculine, yeah, so perfectly, so this time I choice basics, a gingham B&W top, so trendy and basic straight, cropped, pants, customized by me( boredom makes me do it), with some pompom on the ancles,  something simple, but very chic, and the clue to your outfit, a word, socks, wear your flats, sandals, ballerinas, shoes, platforms, spardiles, and sports shoes, took all your ancle socks and play with them, a touch of naive and sporty, with an extra of fun to your looks.

with love




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