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black dot dress


Dress, Boots, Bag & Hat; ZARA


Net tights; CALZEDONIA

Sunglasses; Visionlab

I love this drees, I but it for new years´s eve, and I weared a lot the next days.

Is a very simple, plumeti dots and ruffled on neck, over the knees and so soft, and in it simpleness are the clue, to wear on day or night, just change the complements and it´s easy.

I choice to game it all to black, and focus the atention in to silver boots. A clue to wear silver colou, is think on it as grey, and everithing turs so easy !

In outerwear I focussed the atention in to the pink coat.

I never be so fan of pink and first time I saw the coat in the vintage shop of one of my besties, I just dobt two second in decide I need it, I try it, and the only problem where the gold buttons, so easy to fix.

I really love mix the lady style with some masculine, or tom boy wears, I explained in older post, but the coat in fact has two things, classy and femenine, perfect with jeans, perfect with pants , perfect with skirts, perfect with dresses, perfect in everyway, and for al body tipes! ( I know, im so proud of my body), excited abiut this poce, yes…..cause even I look curvy, I lost loots of weight and I look miself so good in all my curves, feeling fantastic, and this is what really counts, so be proud of yourself, in evry bodytipe you are, respect yourself, and respect everyone.

Love, Anie





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