moda, fashion, estilo personal, personal style,

suede long trench


Blouse MANGO

Jeans & Bag  ASOS


Shades RAY BAN





Is so curious how, sometimes when more simple, more best.

Just a few basics and the perfect coat makes your day, Im so in love with this vintage coat, is perfect for this weather, and I couldn´t resist to buy it when I saw it, last weekend on a vintage fair.( heart eyes face).

I wear it all the days since then, well… is like the long pink coat, I wear it all winter!

Im a big fan from a long coat-trench, (winx eye)  they has some kind of extra elegance and you could wear them with all, and have you seen the detail of the sleeves? The under fabric is so beautigul for not show it! (heart emoji)

In another line, I will like to talk about the blogger world, I know, I have some extra weight, Im so conscience about and really, I dont care, I not considerer miself as fat or obesity, just by the fact of being curvy. I not considering myself as curvy either, wich kind of concept is curvy, there´s any woman in world who not haves curves in some way? Is Kinda funy the name…curvy. I hate the names ans “fatquiny”, I still not hear the name of ” skinnyquini”, I use a biquini, in my size, but is a bikini, and I wear same clothes as any other women in world, the only thing who conditioning me for wear a brand or not, is if it likes me or not, so…why ca´t we accept it us as we are.

In world there´s a lot of people, average, strongs, fat, skinny, with big ass, straight bobs, tall legs, short hipes, and we must to fight for everyone will be respected, accepted and wear fashion as they love, and break free the tiket, so next time you see me, judge me, by the fact you like my way of dress or not, but forget my body type, im so prud fo both, my body and my style.

In another way, Im so sorry for being away so long, but I been so bussy, I try be more often from now on.




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