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florence dress (I)

florence dress1.JPG

dress H&M

boots ZARA


I feel very inspired by bho and folk fashion and I just can´t resist to take a sesion with the clothings I wear in 080, specially the day where I went to see Aldomartins.( watch review HERE )




Im in love with that dress, really in love.

Love the way it looks, the way in suits, the way it mix with everithing and the way I fell as Florence and the machine when I dress on it.

And the stardust silver boots where the perfect match for mix with that fabulous dress, it makes look as dudu BIBA girl from seventyes, and you know how I love BIBA…. ( sparkling eyes).

I choice a long classical soft pink coat, I show it there in previously post, I know, latelly seems I just have this coat, but is like  soft warm blanket on your skin and is so suitable, cant resist to wear it with everithing, and a blue bag, with flurry pom-poms and flurry deco in paste and acid colours on shoulder band, very chic and a touch of folk never is too much, so with a warm weather, a lether jacket, a fedora and white sunglasses will be so groovie too, cant stop to think in a thousends of ways to mix and match the dress, ok, o, maybe im a little obsesed, but is soooo pretty, isn´t? (love emoji)

Well let´s stop this before I as it, t marry or something like this, hope you had a great week, and you enjoy the readding, and joyn me in my social network, likns down below, or contact me if you wannna know more.




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