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#080 Aldomartins

Last friday I went to last day of 080, what is like Barcelona fasjion week over there, five days of fashion and new collections everywhere, where brands shows us theyr new collectons from future seasons and its very interesting go to take notes of wich will be the future trends.

There´stwo editions, one in winter and another in summer.

I has the pleasure to assist to some rows, like Aldomartins, who is a brand designed and made in Barcelona.

Theyr clothes are boho, folk some gipsy with a touchly of girly chic, so glam and very femenine, and this is why I very fell in love with them since first time I saw them, some years ago in one of 080 fashion shows.

I become an a very active buyer of theyr clothing and complements, cause everyone of you who knows me a little, maybe there, on my old blog on blogger or social network, knows how much I love boho, gipsy and folk style.

Last collection, named Bohemian Rapsody, I know perfect name for a pretty clothes, (winx emoji) is a touchly of femenine midi skirts in softly pinks with lurex textures who evoques to some kind fo galactic glam involved in an extra oversied knited sweaters, emboridered in flowers, silki cropped pink pants with arti cropped knits, in a very sixyes style, long flower boho dresses with long coats, showing your back so sexy, I know, and flurry hand made bags with glitter shoes, made you involve in a retro sixtyes and seventyes universe, between the mod and glam, who where very precious.

So as always, a shoot is better than many words so, enjoy the collection, and If you fell in love as I do, ( shure you do, sparkling eyes and dream on mode) there you could find and shoop all the staff!



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