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Vintage blouse…mean dresss

vintage blouse.JPG

Blouse and Cape VINTAGE

Mary Janes PRIMARK


Sunglasses RAY BAN




I not considerer myself most culture girl in world, also art is one

of the prettiest things in world.

Probably, this is why I like a lot fashion, cause for me is some kind of art, and

as all the art, they beauty are in the eyes of who where watched.

So one of thoose extra days of passed xmas hollidays, I where, as often use to do, to MNAC

(Catalonian, national art museum), on the top of plaza España, in Montjuich.

After a lovely afternoon with the lovely man in world, in museum, I totally recomended, take a cofee in a museum cofee, just in fron of the door museum, on the top of the upstiars, with all Barcelona under your feets, just magic!

Nothing better for the time, than my vintage cape, is a little bigger, cause

I loose a lot of weight since when I shooped, and the blouse, turned in to a dress, ( cause im so small size and I can wear long blouses as dress)  is a new brand from

the stand of my friend Marina, on a Vintage special edition xmas market.




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