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Le vogage dans le lune


Im not considerer miself as some kind of culturer girl or that stuff,

but I have a lot of curiosity, and since I where a kid, my curiosity guides me

to discover wonderful things.

One of them is Georges Méliès, the cinema artist from France.

He where who invent, the fatastic and scyfy cinema, indeed, so I will not

explain his life and miracles there, cause you could google it, read it in wikipedia or read “The invention from Hugo Cabret” from brian Sleznick, what also has a film with same name, and is so beautiful.



Since always I where atracted by all the fantastic, mistery and strange things, and more if them are

something to do with space or Mars, maybe for this when I grow I fell in love with a man from Mars, another from earth and other from Mercury.


Méliès has an a very extended filmography, all in fantasy and

so, so beautiful, enchanted forrest, fayries, dwarfs, mermaids, evils and

prettiest starts, all with a very theatrical special effets, all them by his invention and hand mades,

so my favourite is:

“Le Vogage dans le lune” (1902)

Watch this peace of art from owr era if you can, you will find it very inspirational

and pretty, and will be a song from your souls, indeed,

you got my word!




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