moda, fashion, estilo personal, personal style,

fantsasy tights


shirt ZARA

denim skirt HANDMADE(bredom makes me do it)

boots ZARA




Im not this kind of girl who wear printed or coloured tights, and I had to admit

where a big mistake.

Beyond of the plumeti, black and skin colour I discovered a big dimension

on tights and socks universe.

They are so fashionable, and is so fun mix them

with all the looks and outfits in your wardrove.

So many game, and I really like mix the laced flower with denim, the dots, net,

colours or this ones who looks as if you wear sexy lingerie, even some kind of cats socks!

Love them so much, so don´t close your mind to tights, even socks are fun, to mix with

all your cropped jeans, or with your sandals, socks and sandals always where one of my faves combos.

And extra fun on this big roll play named fashion, don´t miss it!





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